Pacific International Trading Canada Inc.

PITCI prides itself on representing small/medium/large-production as well as family-owned top quality producers from around the globe. The portfolio of PITCI is constantly evolving with the addition of new gems from throughout the world. Pacific Trading is a trading company in based chiefly in Toronto, Canada, however we avail from different offices in some countries in Europe, Asia, and Middle East. We attempt continuously to establish longer and closer trading and business relationships with our clients, sister companies, partners, agents, and suppliers not only to provide immediate and reliable services but also to continually outshine expectations and goals.
We are creating commercial flows, importing and exporting products and produces, distributing various types of products, and finally arranging and managing international projects with our partners.

Supporting our network, we incorporate and integrate all these skills and functions with our rewarding and precious experience. Our numerous competencies give us the ability to respond to the real needs of producers and industries looking for a new market. We look forward to welcoming the high quality producers and dedicated agents, exporters, importers, and distributors to our company and work to create a win-win, lucrative, and successful business cooperation.

Black Grapes

Truffles Magic Mushroom

North Citrus Fruits

Auto Parts

Persian Caviar

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